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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Or "Ice, Ice, Baby....
Yesterday I had a dear lady (M) offer to sit with Ida and let me have a couple hours break.  This was a lovely gift so I naturally call Joy and tell her we can go PLAY!!!  Before M got here though I had some breaking up to do!  We have had numerous mishaps in our driveway and people getting stuck.  The sidewalk wasn't much better and I didn't want M to fall.  So out with the shovel & salt (is it me or does that sound like a line in a Jimmy Buffet song?), and off with the ice and snow.  Joy makes it to the house before M and looks at me with that funny look. 
Joy:  "Uhm...are you shovelling snow in fur and a diamond necklace?" 
Me:  The diamonds aren't real
Joy: In your world this explains it, right?
Me:  Why yes, yes it does.

Turtleneck: recycled
Vest:  Kohls clearance a week ago $11
Jewelry: BR
Jeans: Gap
Sass: All mine

Well, back to work....get it? This is my backside and I am

Hey, these are not super high fashion boots, but they are warm and dry.
I got them in Park City, Utah last year because when I got there for the
Sundance Film Festival in my UGG's...well they got wet.  There was just waaay too much snow.
So, I found these for $34 at an outlet and love them.  They have faux fur around the top!

Finally the work is over, M arrives.  The sons are with a sitter and my daughter comes with us for the fun!
It is never too early to teach a girl how to shop well for high style and low price.

It's a bit bright Joy!!! Can I borrow your sunglasses for the pics?  Thanks.

Much better!

So, I have to tell you that yesterday was a great day of shopping.  We hit
Goodwill, PS Too (thrift) and our favorite consignment store of all time....Sassy Pants!
I sold some things there and had a credit and purchased a few things for the daughter and myself and STILL got some $$ back.  Life is good.  We also had great luck at the other places.   I came back a few hours later renewed and reinvigorated and ready to have fun with Ida again. is a cool note....

Ida and I have always been very good friends.  We lived next door to each other most of my married life and it was great.  But lately we don't talk about that because with the Alzheimer's, it isn't part of her memory.  So she tells me tales of picking 200 lbs of cotton a day and learning to make biscuits and travelling with her father singing where he was preaching.  And I see this whole other dimension to my mother-in-law that I never knew and I have a new respect for her 84 years.

I want to connect with her on this new level.  Songs bring us together.  She loves to sing
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone" with me.  But her favorite song is an old gospel song that I had never
even heard of.  No problem, this is a new age of computers and it is not long before I locate the music and words to CAMEL TRAIN!!! (I learned how to link so you can hear it).
I have been busy learning it and this morning I went into her room and announced that I learned it!
Her eyes got wet with tears as she held my hand and we sang this sweet song together numerous times.
It will be one of my favorite memories, always.
She gives my hand a squeeze and says "I remember I always loved you girl, but I feel right now like you are my very own daughter and love you like that"
Ida had 4 sons and always wanted a daughter.  I did what any of you would do...
I cried.   And I think Camel Train will be one of my favorite songs.


  1. Lise--you are the most stylish snow shoveler I think I've ever seen. And the story about learning Camel Train for Ida nearly moved me to tears. It is good to know that there are such rewarding moments in caring for her.

    My pastor used to tell a story about going to visit his mother who suffered from Alzheimers. All she wanted to talk about was her son, Parker, and yet, didn't realize that she was speaking to Parker.

  2. Terri: Thanks! There are many wonderful moments with her. And I sometimes wonder if she gets better as I learn more about her disease and try new ways to communicate. Thanks for sharing about Parker, I feel for him. So many heartbreaking stories.

  3. Awww. That's a sweet story, Lise.

    Ben asked if I helped shovel? Uh. No. I'm such a good friend that I took pictures and pointed out spots that Lise missed! I mean, isn't that what friends do?

    And we have so many "new" things to show off on the blog!!

  4. Grant asked the same thing. I was like Joy grabbed the camera and took pictures. lol
    We did find some great things.

  5. Such a sweet story! I think that music actually resides in a different part of the brain than memories, so it stays with you longer. Wow, I am so moved by this story.
    I do think you should take pictures of these finds so we can see them now instead of whenever... we are all about instant gratification out here in blogworld!

  6. That would ruin the surprise, Joyce! LOL

  7. Lise, there is a party waiting for you in heaven some day! I know what you are doing is not easy, but you still do it with so much love and care for Ida. The song is a great example of that! You are an Earthly, that's a song too!!

  8. WOW! That is NOT what I look like shoveling snow....but wait.....I really haven't shoveled snow. When I DO, I'm using your outfit as my inspiration! I need to get down to GA and go thrifting with you and Joy. If you mapquest about how long it takes you to get to Spartanburg, that would give me an idea of how long of a drive. I'm about 40 minutes from Spartanburg, SC. That would be soooooo fun! Love your stories about Ida! She sounds wonderful! ~Serene

  9. It takes about 2.5 hrs to get to Spartanburg, I think. It takes like an hour and a half to get to Greenville.

  10. Joyce: Instant gratification is pretty awesome and maybe I will break out the camera. Hey, you are pretty awesome also though!

    Pam: That is a great song also. I appreciate your emails and comments. Hope you are having a great weekend also!

    Serena: ROADTRIP. I think Joy and I need to drive up and meet you. You you can come here but what a great thing to meet you! (And we can take amazing pictures girl)

  11. Can I come, too? It's a bit of a longer drive from Boston, though :)

  12. Joyce, you may come too. That would be fun or if Joy and I flew up North...hmmmm that might be really fun. Any good thrift stores?

  13. what a touching story. I'm sure she will have many stories if she lived through the depression - my MIL did and her stories are amazing.

  14. A really great consignment store - I got a Lambertson Truex bag for $20!!!! and have gotten some other great things there... our Salvation Army just moved and I haven't been in the new, expanded version yet; and a couple of Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul stores that are hit-or-miss.

  15. That is such a sweet story! You are an amazing daughter in law - I'm sure that meant the world to her. :)

    You have a store called SASSY PANTS?!?! What a great name for a store!!! Glad you both had fun together!

  16. those boots are great!
    can't believe you showed that post to husband...
    promise i will come over any day for a meal, I'll even provide the plastic utensils....xoxo

  17. Hey girlies! We could actually meet in Asheville or even downtown Greenville! Both are fabulous!!! ~Serene

  18. Oh Lise, what a beautiful story and such a wonderful memory to carry with you and to share with your kids and, eventually, your grandkids.


  19. Haha! I like your convo:) Classic Aunt Lise!