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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What A Difference A Week Makes!

Last weekend it was freezing cold and snow on the ground. This weekend it was sunshine and 60 degrees. I like this weekend much better, even if it did rain some on Saturday.

Saturday was spent doing not a lot of anything. We watched some movies, did some laundry and ate our traditional New Years lunch of pork chops, black eyed peas, turnip greens and cornbread. It was even better because Ben cooked it! I did contribute brownies to the meal. Doesn't it look good?

Here's what I wore just hanging out at the house. And look, it still has bling on it! I don't know how well you can see it, but there's bling up the zipper and down the side of the pants. And I also wore my old school Tretorns.

Sunday we slept late and went looking for a bicycle or an elliptical for Ben. He finally settled on an elliptical. He is apparently going to get in shape. I should probably use it, too.  We also went to Goodwill again where I found a tan cardigan with a fur collar and fur cuffs AND it still had the tags on it!! $5. I love Goodwill.  Since it was warmish, I wore my thrifted red Ann Taylor sweater with my handmade, by Leah Hollett, flower pin. I paired it with my black Walmart Faded Glory jeans and my leopard flats from Target. 

It's been so nice being off for 3 days. I really dread going back to work tomorrow. Even more, I kind of dread the kids going back to school because it means I have to get up an hour earlier!!


  1. Joy--I love your pin. And that food looks so delicious. We haven't done our black eyed peas just yet, although I have a great salad recipe for them.

  2. OK lady, we have the exact same traditional NY meal -minus the pork chops, I've never been able to cook them well! haha

    Yep, I'm on the old get back in shape plan too. I want to visit your Goodwill, mine stinks.

  3. Goodwill is always hit or miss. But right after Christmas and the beginning of the year people are cleaning out and donating like crazy!

    Terri, black eyed pea salad?!

  4. Hey, Joy we ate our black eyed it every year!! The year is starting out a bit more exciting than I thought so I am glad I ate the peas!! I love the flats from Target....they are so cute and the pin is precious!

  5. HI look gorgeous in red!! Your color...foh sho!!! Happy Happy New Year!!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  6. Cute outfit! The gifted pin sets off that beautiful red sweater. Yes, black eyed pea salad...I made one with a lemon curry dressing.

  7. home cooked food is always best :)

    And happy new year, fellow Stargate fan! x

  8. That meal sounds and looks so DELISH!! I love your cozy outfit - you are stylin even when relaxing - I love it!! :)