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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lisa, Lisa, Lise!

We need to meet more of you!  Why?  Because you are all pretty wonderful and I had so much fun meeting Lisa G. that I hope to meet more of you!  A while back I re-connected with a friend from high school on Facebook.  That was so much fun and we were able to see each other at Thanksgiving.  She also "introduced" me to one of her friends in D.C. on Facebook.  Lisa G. and I had a great time getting to know each other in writing and she also started reading our blog. (thanks, we love readers). 

Then she let me know she was coming to do training in Atlanta and would love to meet Joy and I!  Oh yeah!
By the way, Joy's first name is Lisa and she goes by her middle name (Joy).  Hence the title of this post.  Joy, do not kill me for telling everyone.  I had to resort to the real migraine medicine last night and should not be trusted with a pencil let alone a computer with a blog! LOL

So, Friday I am all nervous and excited and.....TaDa!  I meet Lisa G. outside the salon and immediately notice that her haircut is uneven.  So we start with a haircut.  We drove over to meet Joy and sat there talking and cutting up and all I can say is...WOW, what a cool lady!  We also drove to my house and Lisa was so gracious in meeting my MIL, Ida.   And Ida was so pleased to have a visitor!

Lisa G. has an amazing history and family and job (Spouse secretly thinks she is over the CIA now) and stories and I can't wait to see her again.  Want to see some pictures?  You got it!

How do we pose?  Honey, just have fun and be yourself!

Oh, yeah!  That's what I am talking about!
 Sweater: Thrifted ($4)
Scarf: Gifted (Joy)
Jeans: BR (Longs!)
Shoes: Target
Earrings: Coldwater Creek
Belt: BR

Lisa G., thanks for a fun time and wonderful memories!  Can't wait until you come back down again.  And for any others out there.....C'mon down! Your the next contestant on the....right...I know this is not The Price Is Right.  But, we can't wait to meet more of you out there!  Hope you are all having a great end to the weekend.  See you Monday!

PS: At this time of year when skies are darker and days are shorter, play up the sun with color!  Melons are a great choice (color, and eating).  Orange and pink are an unexpected but happy combination!  They love to hang out together!


  1. Ohh! What fun for all of you!

    If I ever make it to Atlanta, the 2 of you will be my first call :) Love the pink & melon color combo! I am all about color :)

  2. I love this are both so cute! (I love your shoes BTW)...if you two ever decide to vacation in San Antonio....home of the River Walk and Alamo...then just give me a call or a comment and i will take you to a fun lunch venue!! And the choice of melon...perfect for right now! As I said in todays post...we need a little spring!

  3. You guys look like you're having fun, all three Lisa's of you. It's funny that your husband thinks she's over the CIA. Every semester I have one student I'm convinced is a spy. Keeps me on my toes.

  4. You look great in the belted scarf and I want those shoes like yesterday! So fun that you got to meet up!

  5. ooh i love the orange cardigan mixed with the scarf and leopard flat's, lovely outfit x

  6. The orange and pink together is rockin! The belt with the white top looks great!

    Glad you all had fun!

  7. having withdrawal symptoms here... I need the latest on Ida's escapades and to hear all about Joy's exciting new job...

  8. Joyce, you are right! It has been pretty exciting around here for sure! We have got to keep up with everything! whew!

  9. you are wearing one of my favorite color combos
    i put these two colors together all the time in my monogramming business.
    very fun

    sounds like ya'll had a nice visit, i am only about 3 hours away so be careful when you invite people..... :)

  10. Sounds like you guys had a fun time! If I am ever in the area you bet your bottom dollar Peanut and I will be showing up on your doorsteps! :)