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Monday, January 24, 2011

Change Is In The Air

So, this weekend brought some changes to my life. I am leaving my job after 17 years for a new job. I've spent 12 of those years with my current boss. And I'm not leaving because of him. He's great. I'm just ready to spread my wings further than State Farm will allow them to go. It's a little scary, but in a good way.  I'll be starting the new job next Tuesday. It's still in insurance, though, just with an independent agency.  Oh and the best part? It's just down the street from our favorite resale store, PSToo!! YAY! Lise can come meet me for lunch and we can go shop!!

But, enough about my job situation, let's talk about my outfit! This whole outfit was thrifted  at Goodwill except the boots and polka dot tights. (Can you see the little white polka dots in the blouse, too?) The whole outfit, excluding the jewerly, is less than $45!

Sweater: Jones New York, $5
Blouse: 5th Avenue, $5
Skirt: Faded Glory, $6
Boots: Kohl's, $19
Tights: Target, $5
Belt: Rue21, $3



  1. Good Luck with your new job adventure!! I'm sure you will do great!! I used to work at an independent agency, and loved it. Too bad I couldn't get a full-time position there when I needed one!! I'm sure with your personality, you will fit in perfectly!!! And your outfit is beautiful!!!

  2. good luck with your new job! I think it will be hard when you will say goodbye to your coleagues, you certainly will be very emotional.
    great outfit! kiss

  3. Good luck! That is quite a change after a long time, and I wish you the best.
    Are you really leaving because Lise left, though? You can admit it to us. We won't tell anyone ;-)

  4. Joy, this is really great! I love how the sweater is the focal point. Congratulations on your new job....exciting times!!! ~Serene

  5. Joyce, thank you and yes, that's it exactly. I couldn't bear to be here without her! LOL

    Fanny, thank you. And the only person I'll be leaving is my boss! Noone else here!

    Sherry, thank you! I'm excited to have other companies to write thru!

  6. Thank you, Serene. I have Lise to thank for that sweater! She found it!

  7. Job changes are always scary. Will you be the only woman in the office? And is in in competition with State Farm?

    Great look. It's hard to photograph tiny dots!

  8. I won't be the only woman in the office. YAY! I wouldn't say that it's in direct competition with SF. I mean, it's competition, but really, in the insurance business, we don't see it that way. There's enough to go around!

  9. Congrats on spreading your wings!
    Great sweater! and you reminded me of a pair of liz red driving shoes ( i actually paid 29.99 for the at TJMaxx, shhhh....- it was over 2 yrs ago)
    they must be buried somewhere!
    i bought them after a round of SAD back then as well!
    i gotta find those babies!

  10. Ooooh, congratulations on the new job! How exciting! I'm so happy for you.

    I adore this outfit, belting underneath the cardigan and buttoning the top button. So very flattering. You look beautiful!

  11. Congratulations on the new job!!! How exciting for you! I love the pop of colors on your sweater!

  12. Joyce: I am so glad you found our blog because your comments make my day!
    Joy, you look so fabulous in that sweater and the blue color is great. I am really impressed that you are setting a great example by spreading your wings! They are lucky to get you! You are THE bomb!

  13. Congrats on the new job
    Hope is goes well for you and you have smooth transition
    Loving that sweater you have on!

  14. Congratulations Joy!! I wish you many blessings with your new venture...change is scary but also exhilirating!! You look fabulous to walk in with confidence and face something new!! I really like that cardigan!

  15. Congrats to you! I hope the transition goes well, and kudos to you for going after what you want :)

  16. Lise - Awww, thanks! You guys make my day some days! I admire your friendship with each other a great deal, even more than I admire your fashion sense.

  17. Oh, Joyce, that is so sweet!!

    We're lucky to have found each other. Would you believe that we've only been friends for about a year and a half?

  18. Wow! Good luck at your new job! This is a great outfit - love the cardigan :0

  19. I love that sweater! Looks great over the all black - really pops! Oh how exciting about your new job! Best of luck!

  20. A new job? Congratulations my dear, what a lucky girl you are! I have a very good job yet I know it is also time to fly my wings biggger! I hope I can be as lucky as you are!

    and of course, the outfit is fantastic! I'm all about colours these days!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  21. Joy -
    Well, it must be like meeting your husband... when you know, you know! Only the wonderful thing about friends is that you can "know" more than once.


  22. Congrats on the new job Joy! So exciting!!
    You look so pretty in the floral cardi and I love the peek of polka dot!

  23. Congratulations on the new job! Hmmm, methinks you needs new outfits...

  24. I am so happy for you, Joy! I know how you've fretted about this. I really do think it's the right decision.