The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Friday, January 14, 2011

Freaky Friday (I am doing a copy of Reva)

"Hello, Joy?  What am I doing?  Well, I have been up all night again with Ida and to the Doctors and grocery shopping and I think I left my creativity with my silverware in Ida's panties.  Yes, they were nicely folded in those wonderful Jockey panties I got for her.  I am pretty sure the kids won't eat off the forks anymore.  Anyway, I need some inspiration today for an outfit.  Hey, I think I will head on over to Reva's blog and copy her look from December 1, 2010.  It's fun and light and different and I think I can copycat it."
REVA, you have inspired me today!  Check it out and see how I did.  I love your looks!

Check out the original look from Reva here:

My look:
Boots: Target
Skirt:  Fred's
Jacket: Eddie Bauer (thrifted)
Jewelry: PacSun
Sunglasses: Taken off sons face
Have a great day!  I was inspired by Reva, who inspires you???

Thanks to my photographer: Harrison 15!  You rock son.


  1. I LOVE this outfit!! You look great!!

    Ummm...I'm wearing a purple turtleneck and a green jacket today, too!

    We're starting to think alike. Scary!

  2. You look awesome!
    Way better than mine!

  3. You're too funny. I love the combination of a white romantic skirt with military jacket.
    thanks for your comment

  4. Joy: Are we scary or what??

    Reva: We love you!!!! Thanks. I don't think I look better, we look the same.

    Maya: You are welcome. We love your blog.

  5. So cute--love the phone conversation! I think copycating can be bonding! Paula

  6. You are sooo Reva!! I love this idea...cute as can be and I can picture Reva standing right beside you!! sons will not allow me to wash Grandma's underthings at the same time as theirs...disgusting, they say!! Also, my 18 year old accidentally walked in when I was helping her bathe...he was scarred for life!!

  7. Oh boy! The visuals on this are... disturbing. I am scared to ask what was happening before Ida moved in!

    Your outfit looks freakishly like Reva's! Even the belt looks identical. Both of you look equally great wearing it. I hope you had some warm tights on underneath that summer skirt. Is that like a mullet outfit? Winter on top, summer on the bottom?

  8. OMG--I didn't look close at the first copycat photo, but initially assumed it WAS Reva! You've done a fantastic job and I hope you get some sleep tonight!

  9. Paula: Thanks! And you are right, when you copy someone I think you get to know them and who they are a bit better.

    Pam: I will answer after I stop laughing!!! We need to meet sometime girl! We have this parallel life going on, don't we? I think my boys would freak if they saw the bathing thing going on. heeheehee this is too fun.

  10. Joyce, I truly did not mean to disturb you!!! Please come back. lol Before Ida, there was pretty normal and boring, and nice. You are right about the belt and that was the thing that caught my eye and then the white skirt and it built from there.

    Terri: LOL! No, its just me and not the remarkable Reva. But I was suprised at how similar the outfits turned out.

  11. sorry i will never be able to come over to your house for dinner!
    but on an upbeat note...great job copycatting

  12. You look great! What a great copy of Reva's outfit!

    Umm...did she really hide the silverware in the undies?!?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  13. Kelly, yes!

    Brett: I promise to go and buy new silverware, so you can come and eat with us!

  14. I love this idea. She is so inspiring in her mix of things, and you've captured that completely. You both look amazing!

  15. Yes, it does look great! I will always love just about any combo with a long skirt, boots, sweater and scarf -- but it's especially well-executed here.

    Plus I laughed out loud at silverware in the panties. :)

  16. It's amazing! You both pulled off such similar outfits and yet they really look totally different on the two of you! It's as if your personalities completely come through and it makes them seem different. Both of you guys are GORGEOUS in your respective outfits! ~Serene