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Monday, January 3, 2011

No Hitchhiking Allowed!!

We had quite a weekend, but thanks to the suggestions and links that so many of you wonderful friends have sent, things are getting better (Joyce, Pam...thanks!!)  This morning I decided to take Ida and my daughter to Build-A-Bear.  Ida loves to hold my daughters and I thought it would be fun for her to make one herself.  She has already decided to name it Pop, after my FIL (father-in-law).  So I am getting daughter ready and something catches my eye.  It is Ida.  She has escaped the house and is in the driveway.  I run and take her hand and ask what she is doing.  She replies that she is going to hitchhike home.  Sure enough, her thumb is out and ready to go.  I gently explain that we are going inside and she is upset because for some reason she wants to hitchhike (it sounds exciting she says).  So, I tell her there is no hitchhiking allowed.  Ida says "Well, I don't see a sign."   hmmmm... "It fell down" I explain (I am going to hell for lying to my MIL!).  "Oh, we better go inside."   And in we go.   And now we are dressed and off to Atlanta to Build a Bear.  Wish me luck!
Thanks to my daughter for being my photographer!!! She is 9 and did a pretty good job!

New Haircut and hoops, I just realized I have no eye makeup on.  Too bad. lol
Shirt:  LOFT - clearance
Sweater: LOFT - gift
Jewelry - earrings ?, necklace I made from a couple broken ones.
Belt: LOFT - gift from Joy
Jeans - Banana Republic - clearance

And for the last and final photo: Yesterday I go into CVS pharmacy for envelopes.  They are unloading and I see boxes of my favorite candy!!!  I was told they were not putting them out yet.  So I explain that I am a woman on the edge! I don't drink and my only vices are chocolate and Coca Cola!  I NEED these chocolates to survive!!! I can't wait until Easter!  Shouldn't we be thinking of Christ all year around anyway??   Please????
The manager is starting to believe that my life may depend on a bag of chocolate eggs.
"How many do you want?"
The WHOLE freakin" BOX man!!!!!!

LOLOL!  Oh yeah, you know you love 'em too!
Thanks again for all your wonderful support!  All suggestions and link are welcome.
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I miss you JOY!!!


  1. I miss you too!!!

    And maybe you should have bought 2 boxes. That box will be gone in 2 days and you know it!

    I love that outfit! And your new "hairdo" is fabulous, too!!

  2. Ahh that bag is so cute!! Sometimes chocolate is too much for us to ignore!

  3. I love those little eggs!

    So glad the link was helpful... there's an isn't-it-funny-how-God-works story behind finding it.

    Maybe you'd better put up a "No hitchhiking allowed" sign up at the door... or better yet, in your MIL's room.

    How's her head?

  4. You are a saint for taking such good care of your MIL. Hugs to you.

  5. I loooove mini eggs! That box would be gone in no time at my place!
    Love the belt over the cardigan and your haircut looks great :)

  6. Excellent hair cut and pics! The saga with the MIL...oh dear. I think you need a CASE of those Cadbury Eggs.

  7. And, I just got home from Walgreens where I bought 5 bags of the Cadbury Christmas balls (same as the mini eggs, but Christmas colored balls). They were .75 per bag!!!

  8. Kinsey: Thank you!

    Joyce: I would love to hear how you stumbled upon the link. It sounds like a good story.

    Amber Lena: I am so happy to be called a saint! LOL I have been called some different names lately, but saint is my favorite so far!!

    Tall Girl (I really need to go find your name) you are welcome at my house any time to help me devour these eggs. Thanks for coming by!

    Terri: I think I should buy stock in Cadbury! You are wonderful by the way!

    Hokie: come visit!!! I think you inherited my sweet tooth. Sorry. .75 a bag??? score!

  9. Why did you tell me this?!? I once threw up for an entire day because of a Mini eggs OD and still I crave them. Disturbing.

  10. I read the NYT first thing every morning, faithfully, online. If there's an article that makes me think of you, I forward it in an email. My profile pic changed to one of my reading the newspaper (and drinking coffee.) One of my friends posted "Anything interesting in the Times today?" (as a response to the pic, but I was slow and didn't realize that) and I thought I had missed something important, so I popped over to the website and it had come up as an article since the morning.
    A very long explanation! My dad says coincidences are God's way of staying anonymous.


  11. I like the gray sweater with the black! Classic. I also looooove Cadbury eggs. Omigosh, do I love those.

  12. Am I then only one that thinks those eggs are disgusting?!

  13. Too funny about the chocolate eggs.
    I am with Joy though, I would have picked something else, but as you said, you were a woman on the edge!
    You looked pretty put together for a woman on the edge I might add!

  14. easter comes early to a woman on the edge. hang in there, and keep on truckin'

  15. Great earring haircut! mmmm cadbury eggs....

  16. Joyce, that is fabulous and obviously not coincidence! Thanks

    Viktoria: Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad to find so many kindred spirits with the Cadbury.

    Silvergirl: I love your blog name. I think the black and gray are like my "no-fail" colors. I am thinking I need some color and perk myself up.

    Rosebud: Hey gorgeous and thanks for the encouragement!

    Paula: Thanks!! You rock!

  17. Joy - I like the little eggs Lise Marie bought, but the big cream eggs are disgusting :(
    Personally, I like my chocolate with either peanut butter, coconut, or in a Nutella jar :)

  18. You are such a patient and amazing daughter in law!! I'm sure your husband really appreciates how well you are taking care of his mother.

    You look absolutely stunning and your new do is super flattering!

    Sometimes a girl needs her chocolate eggs.

  19. Honey, you can have whatever you want. You deserve it! I hope build-a-bear went well, you look cute!

  20. Nice haircut!

    Oh Lord - it sounds like your MIL is a "wanderer." Does she always take her purse? I hope you've got your contact information tucked into it or a pocket or something!