The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Thursday, January 20, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish....Ummm...One Fish?

Seriously, how gorgeous were Lise's pictures yesterday? How can I possibly follow that?!!  I can't, so I won't even try! LOL

It was a sad morning in our household. Blake's beloved fish Frederick died. He was a good fish. He had big googly eyes and always blew fish kisses at you. The other fish has already forgotten he existed!  We gave him a worthy, dramatic goodbye in the master bathroom this morning.(Remember The Cosby Show episode where Rudy's fish died? That's how I felt this morning!) He's on his way to the big aquarium in the sky!!

And what did I wear for this solemn occassion? Well, no color, that's for sure. This outfit photographed so blah. It really looks better in person, I swear!!

The pants are new. I bought them at Kohl's yesterday with a 30% off coupon and some Kohl's cash! They are a bluish/gray with almost a denim look to them, but they aren't denim. The gray sweater came from our day of thrifting at PS Too. It's warm and cozy!! The turtleneck is also from Kohl's.  I definitely needed some color today. I'm tired and it's really showing thru on this picture. I almost didn't post at all. But then, I thought, everyone has days when they are tired and just not feeling it and it ends up reflecting in their clothes. It's what makes us real and human!

So you got glamour yesterday and blahness today. Such is life!!

I'll try to be more colorful tomorrow!!


  1. Okay as sad as that is, the title of your post made me giggle a little.

    You don't look blah at all, I think you look classic. And pretty!

  2. Your long vest is a great thrift item!! and the pants fit perfect...good KOHL'S purchase. I have found that when I do not feel "cheery" that a colorful scarf or great necklace can put me on a path to smiles.....I guess that's why I have that hat rack full of scarves now by my tub...I need a lot of cheer boosters!! But I do agree, those fab pictures yesterday are a tough act to follow!!!

  3. I actually had a scarf laying out to wear and totally forgot it!

    Thank you, Melissa.

  4. You look wonderful Joy!!! I am sad for Blake, but I love the title and picture of this post.
    And I am just glad you didn't tell everyone that you ran into me at the gas station this morning and I was pumping gas in my pj top and had no shoes on.....Redneck alert y'all!

  5. Your not blah! You look well put together! I need to bust out more of my turtlenecks. This weather calls for them. I love your haircut btw!


  6. Thank you, LaToya. Lise actually does my hair!!

    Lise, I should have busted out the camera and taken a picture of you!! Short sleeves, but the sleeveless Coldwater Creek coat and no shoes! It was a far cry from yesterday's pics! LOL

  7. I think you are FEELING tired more than looking it, Joy. You look CLASSY! Great color of grey on the pants, there's warmth to it, me likey.

    Sorry about the fish. Such is life. Hopefully the son with recover almost as quickly as the fish survivors.

    And I think you did the right thing to post pics that aren't your fave. I like what I call us "realist" bloggers. Some fantasy but more documentation of our lives. With living come less than ideal days, and photo ops. Such is life.

  8. I'm almost thinking of doing a "bloopers" post with all the pictures on the days it didnt go so well. But you are keeping it real! Kudos~Paula

  9. Oh no! That is so so sad!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  10. The vest is a wonderful addition. It is perfectly appropriate to look sombre on a day in which you commemorate Frederick.

  11. Aww - poor fishie! You always look good Joy - even in fish mourning!

  12. You actually look very elegant like that. Poor fish though. . may he rest in peace! x