The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.-Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesday is dress-up day at "No Model Lady"

No other picture says "Lise" like this one. 
And it says P A R T Y like a Mother.
It's a ballgown and fur sweater!
(That might just be my daughter to the right)
Besides, if my niece wants to party on her blog, I am here for her!


  1. that's a true mother isn't it? elegant and sassy whilst hanging from the trees ;) cute pic!

  2. Elegant and sassy is the PERFECT description of Lise!!

  3. I love this. Uve inspired me for next week!!!

  4. You both look darling! I bet the picture was a lot of fun to pose for.

  5. FABULOUS picture! This should be blown up and framed! ~Serene

  6. I don't know you, but I love that shot. Adorable.

  7. This shot is so pretty -- like something out of a magazine :)

  8. I love this picture, it reminds me of a celebrity fashion mag editorial.I thought it was an old photo of Princess Di for a second I'm so jealous, i wish i could look that elegant swinging from branches.

  9. who knew hanging from a tree could look that saucy/sexy! rock on!

  10. What an awesome pic! You have to frame this!

  11. Jenn: Thank you and thanks for coming by!
    Whole FamDamily: Cute name! And truly I agree that a mother must have a sense of humor!

    Birdie: I love you girl! I am so proud of what a wonderful Niece and woman you are!

    Joy:LOL elegant and sassy. Heavy on the Sass! :)

  12. HunDuddle: If I have inspired you, then you just made my week!! Thanks for coming by!

    Renee: Thanks so much! And thanks for dropping by the blog.

    Joyce: The funny thing is that this wasn't posed! I was supposed to do something different, but this just happended because I like to climb trees and am dangerously spontaneous! lol

  13. Serene: You are wonderful! My husband says he wants this framed also. The photographer is so much fun!

    Bonnie: Thanks and thanks for coming by our blog! We love comments (nice ones especially)

    Sidewalk chic: Coming from you this truly means a lot because You are the total bomb yourself!!!

    Jenn: Thank YOU!!!

    Terri: Thanks to you also!!!