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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am so very over this snow! Lise loves snow. I think it must be the Indiana in her. Or the Amish. But I absolutely hate it. It's pretty when it's falling but then I'm ready for it to be GONE! I've been cooped in this house for 3 days....with my family....Too.Much.Family.Togetherness. I love them, but I'm ready to go work!! I just hope I can get there today. The kids are, once again, out of school. I'm wondering if they'll get to go at all this week.  When you watch the news coverage, it shows the interstates in Atlanta. It doesn't show you the secondary roads. Our secondary roads are HORRIBLE. We don't get snow plows and salt and sand.

I did wander out, brave the cold and get some pictures yesterday.   I have on old Old Navy jeans, old Duck boots, an old State Farm sweatshirt and an old scarf. Seeing a pattern here? LOL  Oh, wait! I do have on new silver Chaps earrings from Kohl's!
My Car is Covered!

Almost Fell on the Ice!!

Jakey is Soooo Over It!!
Pretty Horses in the Snow

The Bridge Below Our House on Tuesday
I Found a Snow Bunny!!


  1. Cute snow bunny. And I am in East Tennessee and I am totally over the snow. I remember how I used to complain when we had a winter without any snow. What was wrong with me?

  2. We are in the middle of your blizzard up here in Boston! It's pretty. So far.

  3. You look Great! I love your snow bunny! lol
    Yes, it's my Amish upbringing that I love snow. lolol!!!

  4. Oh Joy! I'm with you! I'm DONE with the snow! But does it feel the same way about us? HMMMMMM........ ~Serene

  5. You look adorable. I love the duck boots. I can understand being over with snow, it's pretty for about 5 minutes.

    The shot of the horses is gorgeous, thanks for sharing it.

  6. Lise is Amish? And is your car also caked in ice?

  7. Snow photographs so beautifully. The horses and the snow pic- so lovely.

    I couldn't handle snow. My Mediterranean blood spits at snow. I want sun. That said, snow looks pretty and so do you. Red is indeed your color. And Snow white.

  8. Terri, LOL NO! She's actually Mormon. But she has this old picture of her in this prairie skirt and this huge shawl. My husband saw it and said she looked Amish. It's a running joke with us now. That picture is on the blog somewhere. I need to find it.

    Bella, my Southern blood spits at the snow. I hate it. I want it to be 90 degrees and sunny all the time!!

  9. I'm with you on the snow--its pretty when it falls but after that its just a pain in the butt. Thank God hubby and me are going south for a break soon..
    And you have to dress so differently for snow. oh so practical! Paula

  10. Me too Joy! I'm so over the snow. I wanna wear cute skirts to work, but it'd be bad for all involved if I fell on some ice and flashed some ole Man!!

  11. That red looks perfect on you! Brings out the sparkle! Emotionally I'm over the snow but I know that I have at least 3 months of full on snow to go... oh that's depressing...

  12. Face it, you just want to go shopping! I love a good snow too, but yeah, 3 days with my fam? No thanks! LOL

  13. Oh, but snow looks fantastic next to your gorgeous red jacket. Love the photo of you with Jakey!

  14. That's a lot of family time - sounds like you've got cabin fever!!!
    Poor Jakey - he's probably thinking what the h*ll is this?!

  15. I am with you Joy
    So over it
    son2 finally went back to school today, but it was a 2-hr delay and son1 finally began classes today.
    I was afraid his college career was over with just one semester under his belt. LOL

  16. Hey, quit posting pictures of my boyfriend! ;-)

    Aside from it being a pain in the behind, the snow looked beautiful and you look FABULOUS in the red fleece.

    I have to admit, Jake does look OVER it