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Sunday, January 9, 2011

L E A H!!!!! (The Photobomber)

It's the weekend and we have a ton to do!  Three people are coming to take shifts with Ida so I can get out for a short time.  Yay!  Snow and ice are in the forecast for Sunday so we have some shopping to do and a Goodwill to visit (naturally) and taking the boys to see "True Grit" and the girls to "Voyage of the Dawn Treader."  My kids need some one on one with mom!
Before we leave we snap some pictures and realize that Joy is wearing red glasses which match her red sweater and I have purple on which goes with the brand new glasses I am wearing.  I just got them and now maybe I can stop going through life squinting!!  I just hated breaking down and getting them because I knew they would be bi-focal!!!   However, as we started taking pictures we realized that they are all photo bombs!  Leah, Joys daughter, was in most of them.  Leah!!!!

Look behind Joy and you will see her daughters shoes and legs!  Oh and in front is my cats tail!
Baron Von Hershey would NOT get out of the way so we left him in

oooohhhh....spooky ghost hands!  Actually those are Joys daughters hands.
If you can't beat them, join them and photo bomb yourself!

Look, no photobomb!  We got one!
Jeans: Banana Republic (Longs yay)
Shirt: J Crew
Jacket: Who the heck knows, I didn't buy this hideous thing.
Scarf: LOFT
Glasses: Burberry

Boots: Target
The rest of the look is just rockin' and gorgeous and priceless.

With all the weather coming in on the East coast, we wish everyone a safe and warm weekend!! 
Oh, and if any of you have any ideas where else I can look for my silverware, let me know.  Ida has started taking it and hiding it during her nightly wanderings. LOL


  1. Leah makes Joy look like she has 3+ legs! And Baron is a beautiful dog! Have fun at the movies!

  2. The sweater I have on is Chaps from Kohl's bought on sale. Jeans are Sweetheart skinny jeans from Old Navy and the scarf is from Dollar General! LOL

    Umm..did you look under her bed? Maybe she thinks the Yankees are coming and she's burying it in the back yard! LOL

  3. You two look so cute! And cozy! Love the photobombing, too!

  4. I have a Standard Poodle. Aren't they great? And where does one get purple glasses?

  5. You guys are always having fun in your shots!

  6. Look in coffee cans full of pennies or similar trinkets on the top shelves of the closets. My parents found $1,000's in little rolled up chunks hidden in coffee cans of pennies or fishing weights or things like that throughout the house when an elderly relative died.

    My mother-in-law and I have terribly confusing conversations like you quoted in your blog but she hasn't been diagnosed with anything and still lives alone. One of my favorite conversations (now it's cute - at the time I thought I might lose my mind!) was at our daughter's backyard wedding.

    ....following me around as I am trying to put together this wedding in our backyard and time is slipping away from me.....
    She: Where did you get that?
    Me: What?
    She: That fountain.
    Me: We rented it.
    She: That's not yours is it?
    Me: What?
    She: That fountain.
    Me: No, we rented it.
    She: I've never seen that before at your house, where did you get it?
    Me: We rented it.
    remix and repeat for three hours......
    She: Is that yours?
    Me: No, we rented it.
    She: Oh, so you're going to take it back?

    AAAAGH!!!! Isn't that what RENT means? I have no idea to this day what she was trying to ask or say but it was obviously the most important issue of the day to her????????

  7. Terri: It does! It's so funny that you only see her legs sticking out! lol

    Joy: Thanks.

    Judy: Pearle Vision is where I got my glasses. Purple would look super on you with your haircoloring. They are Burberry ( lenses and frames 1/2 off!

  8. Joy: Wait, I am still laughing about her hiding the silver from the Yankees.

    Madonna: Joy and I do have a lot of fun in life. It is not always easy, but you live once and we do try to make it fun.

    Kitty: LOLOLOLOL!!!! OMG! she and my MIL could get together and have a great time.

  9. Vanessa: Thanks! sometimes the best pictures are the ones that aren't planned I guess. Thanks for being here.

  10. How fun?! Voyage of the Dawn Treader was wonderful! You both look gorgeous and I love all the little phantom people in the pictures! ~Serene

  11. You both look great and having so much fun!
    I love your poodle--he is GORGEOUSLY HANDSOME! we just lost our standard in June (Picasso) :~(
    --they are the best dogs, no?
    Great glasses! Paula

  12. looks like such fun! God has blessed you with a great friendship!

  13. Serene: I agree about the movie, we loved it!
    We kept laughing at the "phantom people" as you call it. I like that term better than photobomb.

    Paula: These dogs are really the best and my heart goes out to you for losing your poodle, Picasso. They are so human and truly become family.

    Peggy: Thanks!! We do feel like God brought us togehter!

  14. hahaahahh, fun pics! i love me some good photo shoots. they make life way too great. :)

  15. These are so cute! It looks like you were having a lot of fun together!

    You both look great in colored glasses. :)

  16. that's a dog!! He must be handful! I love your smiles and your scarves, girls! Keep the laughs coming....