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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Thrifters

Purple cardi: Walmart
Striped shirt: Kohl's
Scarf: Payless?
Jeans: Walmart Faded Glory
Purse: Kohl's, Relic
Shoes:  from Lise

Saturday Lise called me to go play since she had someone to watch Ida. So we were off to thrift!! Well, after she shoveled a path thru the snow. And no, I didn't help! LOL I had on the wrong shoes for shoveling snow. I just watched and took pictures.

Our first stop was PS Too. It seems like it's been months since we've been there.  I guess, actually, it HAS been months. And as usual, it did not disappoint. I got a long gray, short sleeved sweater. I'll wear it sometime this week. Lise got several new things there. And Kaja actually wore an outfit out of the store!

Then we moved on to Goodwill. I've had A LOT of luck at Goodwill and Saturday was no different. I got a wool JCrew skirt for $4 and a sweater to match it. I can't remember what brand the sweater is!! Lise found me a Jones New York cardigan with blue and yellow flowers. I also got Ben 2 Tommy Hilfiger shirts for $3 each. One was still so stiff that it had to be brand new.

We ended the day at our favorite consignment shop, Sassy Pants. I got this Chaps shirt that I'm wearing today for $8!! I saw several other things I wanted but I was trying to be good!!

It was a great thrifting day. I can spend hours in these stores just looking. I found a 100% cashmere JCrew sweater but it was an XS. I couldn't talk Kaja into it and my daughter wouldn't wear it! Do you know how much I hated leaving that $4 sweater there?!

The top outfit is what I wore shopping. Look! I mixed patterns!! YAY ME!!  I thought the floral of the scarf looked pretty good with the stripes.  The bottom picture is what I'm wearing today. I hate doing inside pictures, don't you?

Shirt: Chaps, Sassy Pants
Cardi: Lands End, Goodwill
Skirt: Ann Taylor, Sassy Pants
Boots: Target

I found a closeup of the shirt on Ebay so you
can see it better. My cardi is covering up
most of it.


  1. ooooo pretty shirt!
    sound like a fun shopping trip
    are ya'll about done with the snow
    still patches here and there, but melted for the most part

  2. I am so glad you got this shirt! You look so pretty in it!!

  3. Congrats on the thrifting success! I love it when I have the mojo in the stores! I shopped a bit this weekend, but in a nod to my current budget, didn't buy anything.
    And, thanks for your kind comment on my blog regarding the anonymous poster. I had a spate of 5 negative comments in about 16 hours and 2 of them were posted by anonymous and 3 of them were posted under various aliases. I *think* it's all the same person, but alas, it's hard to tell!

  4. I always love your posts. But what is PS? It sounds like a place I would like.

  5. PS Too is our Project Safe's consignment store. It's awesome!!

    Brett, we have some patches left but it's raining today, so maybe the rain will get rid of it!

  6. Joy....I would HATE to leave a cashmere sweater, but if it fits no one, you showed AMAZING restraint! I love your blouse! The color is orange sherbert! ~Serene

  7. Great thrifting finds! That blue looks great on you :)

  8. I love the name Sassy Pants...what a great consignment shop name! I also love the blouse you got cute! Payless must be expanding since I last walked in the door..I have seen blogs with scarves and jewelery from Payless and I had no idea they sold those things!

  9. Ha! I love your thrifting outfit! I went today (found 3 "new" ones I'd never visited before). I want to know if you try things on when you thrift or if you can tell whether they fit visually.

  10. TGB, thank you!!

    Serene, I should have bought it! SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE could have worn it, right?!

    Pam, they sell makeup now, too!!

    Terri, if it's a brand I already have some things from and I know how it runs, I won't. Usually, I can tell visually. Pants, I almost always try on.

  11. Love both outfits! You look great in purple, Joy. Love those shoes Lise gave you :)
    I don't think Payless sells makeup up here. What brand(s)?

  12. Great picks Joy! I love the print of that shirt!

  13. I love that shirt on you! I want to go thrifting with you. I'm wondering if Vegas has a one?

  14. I don't know the brand, Joyce, but I've seen it!

    Queen, someone just did a post about thrift stores in Vegas. And now I can't remember who it was, but there were lots of them!

    Thank you, Kelly!

  15. Joy~first of all, congrats on mixing prints! And I'm with you--I'm so sick of the same pics in my bedroom--its the only place with enough light!

  16. I love your pattern mixing!!! Great job! And I really love that shade of blue on you in the second outfit.

    It sounds like you girls had a great day!