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Friday, January 21, 2011

Two Of A Kind (quite the pair)

Do great minds think alike or WHAT?

I haven't been at work for a month since I stay home full-time with Ida.  But, today there was a small emergency and I was happy to have M checking on Ida while I came to work.  I walk in the door and....OMG! Joy and I are wearing the exact same colors!

Don't believe it?  Check it out for yourself ladies......
Can you see how these tights are so shiny? I swear they were like putting on chain maille!
We are totally Rockin' the burgundy and gray today!
Love the splash of color the scarf makes!
So, we are having a great time at work together, getting a ton of work done and possibly laughing a lot...
Here is a handy thing to know about this color family:  Gray looks good on pretty much everyone.  It can be elegant, businesslike or lighthearted.  Mixed with burgundy, it is happy!  Joy can wear this great cool color, but because I found one with a slight warmth to it, I can wear it also.  So can you!  Yes, you redheads, even you.  It is at home in the sunset colors of Fall and easily transitions to Winter or early Spring. 

Cardigan:  CATO-Goodwill
Pants:  JCPenny-St. Johns Bay
Scarf:  Gifted
Shirt:  JCrew- Goodwill

Today I am the PS Too lady*
Everything came from there, Yay me!
Sweater: JCrew
Scarf: ? not labelled
Skirt: Pantology
Shoes: Target (ok, one thing that isn't from PS Too)

I am not sure, but this may be the first time we have featured ourselves together on one page!
And it was fun. We are both looking forward to an exciting weekend of family, fun & fashion
See you there!  (here, actually)  :) ...oh, and friendship, frugality, fritters......

So, we are editing this post to add a link to Peggy at SheHathDoneWhatSheCould because Peggy is also wearing burgandy and gray and has on the same shoes as Lise!! Too funny!!


  1. I love you in this color!! I'm so glad I talked you into that cardigan and scarf! I KNEW it would look good on you!!

    And I'm so happy you're with me today! I've missed you being here...and maybe being my photographer!

  2. Now way you guys! You have to go look at my blog - same colors as you all - and I have on Lise's shoes!! I just got them for $6- I was so jazzed! We need to be neighbors!

  3. haha - I just now saw you edited to add me- I am doing the same! Too fun!

  4. Ooooooh, you two both look so gorgeous!

    And those rosebud pumps..aren't they the BEST?!

    I don't think I've worn gray and burgundy together but I really love it. LOVE.

  5. Lise has been going crazy today trying to find the black ones with no luck!

    She says those are the most comfortable shoes ever. She's even shopped all day in them!

  6. Love that you both represent similar looks using different pieces..pants vs. skirt! I love gray too!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! =)Hope you signed up @20YS for the mystery project!!

  7. Gray and burgundy look great together! I can't wait to get my gray trousers and wear them with my wine color handbag.

  8. The two of you look awesome, I love that you matched! That is wicked funny (that's a little Boston-speak for you)! Lise, I love that the sweater looks like toile and the belted scarf looks wonderful. Those shoes are adorable, I love what Tar-jay is doing lately with shoes and boots (like those great boots of yours, Joy, that may be my birthday present this year).
    Joy, I love the Burberry scarf. That soft pink color is so pretty with the gray and looks great with the rest of your outfit. We can't see your shoes, though, and I'm all about shoes!

  9. Joyce, I just have on plain Jane black boots. Nothing exciting! BUT I did get a new pair of tall black boots this week from Kohl's. I'll have to wear them soon! They were on sale, plus I had a 30% off coupons. They were under $20!

  10. LOVE both of those outfits! I love gray and burgundy together!!

  11. Too funny. I have on blue jeans and a seafoam green top so I haven't completely mind-synced with you guys yet. Seriously, though, this ought to be worth a scientific study, or a government grant!

  12. Around our school, we call this DID YOU GET THE MEMO day...we so often have a large group of us that show up in the same colors! You guys look great, BTW!!

  13. Lise- you didn't tell us where you got your chain maille. I have been wanting to try some fun tights but I'm pretty sure the hubsy would have a freak attack! LOL.

    Joy- I know you have missed Lise. Where you just SOOOO happy to have her back? I think it is neat that y'all work so well together. Too many women are catty to each other at work and I think it's a crime. We should stick together! Thanks for being a good example!

  14. Ha Ha That is a hoot that you both had the same color palette on.

    Thanks for the sweet comments about authenticity!

    Where are ya'll in Georgia??? I am wondering how far of a road trip I am from ya'll.

    Have You Entered My Birthday Giveaway Yet?

  15. First of all, I love your matching poses in the first two pictures. Secondly, I love your color palettes! Plum and grey look delicious on both of you! I'm jealous of how great of blogging pals you are in real life and online!

  16. How funny! My boss and I wear the same colors all the time and we still get a kick out of it. Lise, I love how you tucked the scarf into your belt. I've been doing that a lot lately - fun!

    Amber Lena

  17. oh i like your blog, i follow you !
    thank you for your comment on my blog x

  18. Leah, I THINK she got them at Kohl's. I know I saw some like them at Kohl's. And, YES, I was so happy to see her! I believe there was squeeing!

    Brett, we are near Athens, if that helps you any! LOL

    Vanessa, after we were matching, we decided to do one pose the same!

    Welcome, Fanny!!

  19. Hey everyone! Great comments. We love them and anyone who would like to make a road trip this way is welcome to.

    We don't think about our friendship, it is just there. But, after reading some of these comments I do feel blessed. It is true there is no cattiness at all. And when something good happens in her life, I feel truly excited for her. And vice versa.

    But, this wouldn't be much of a blog without all of you awesome women! Thanks

  20. Welcome Fanny!

    Amber Lena: I got the idea of tucking my scarf into the belt from you and a couple of other bloggers. It is a great idea. thx

  21. You two look great, I love the color combo. Great minds think alike especially great fashion minds! Both outfits are fantastic.

  22. You both have been looking so fab lately !!!
    I adore gray (grey?)
    and it has always been one of my favorites summer or winter!
    Sorry I have been a 'bad' commenter lately.

    I have a severe dose of th sad's ( stupid snow ;)
    thanks for always popping in and making my day!

  23. Love the colors on both of you! Hope you two had a wonderful weekend!!